Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Saturday, May 31

Sam’s alarm woke us up in the morning at 9:30, and we all dragged ourselves out of bed to get ready. Then we sort of sat around waiting for Lilly’s parents to drive us all to the metro station while Lilly ran around the house frantically packing because she was leaving for the airport at like 4 in the afternoon. Lilly went with her dad to drop us off, and when we got out, we each gave her a giant hug and told her how much we loved her, and it was all too real that this would probably be the last time I hugged her, at least for a while. We got into the metro and made our way across the city to the terminal. I sat with the Talca kids and talked for a while until their bus came, and then I was alone waiting for Katie and Sally to arrive. I listened to music and waited for a long time before Sally showed up.
We got huge ice cream cones for lunch and had a really good talk. We talked about how much we’ve changed this year, and how scared we are that going home will change us back. I have become a better person during this year. I am nicer to my family, more responsible, more aware of the money I am spending, and more attentive to being good to my friends and remembering important things about them. I have also become more confident in myself and more true to who I am and what I like. I don’t ever want to lose these things, but going back to my old routine in the US will just make it so tempting to return to who I was a year ago. Sally and I made a pact not to go back to our old selves. Anyway, Katie arrived after a while and we all got on a bus back to Rancagua. We arrived at Terminal O’Higgins and we were starving, so we walked all the way to the center to get a late lunch of Reina Victoria sandwiches. We waited for such a long time in the restaurant that by the time we got out it was almost dark. Katie and I said goodbye to Sally and got a micro back over to Katie’s house. We sat downstairs and talked with her family for a long time, and then we went up to Katie’s room and just chilled and did nothing and went on tumblr and listened to music for a while. We had been planning on going out with my friends for Ingles, but it just got really complicated with finding rides and everything and honestly we were kind of too tired to go to a party anyway, so we just put on pajamas and brought some hot tea up to Katie’s room and watched Rent.
It’s a really amazing musical, even though it did make me cry. We were super lame on a Saturday night and ended up going to sleep at like 1.

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