Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday, January 15

Today I woke up really late after sleeping like 11 hours! I relaxed and hung out with Maxi for a little while, and then around 2, I met Sally at the jumbo and we took a micro together to the movie theater where we met up with Katie Ward. We ate a huge lunch of chicken burgers in this fancy restaurant nearby called Master Chef, and then we wasted some time playing around in the grocery store. Mostly we just talked a lot because we hadn’t seen each other in so long and Katie had to tell us about her time with her family and I had to tell them about Techo. After a while we went over to the theater and watched the movie Frozen in Spanish. I thought I was going to hate such a kids movie but it was actually really cute and inspirational. After the movie, we took a micro over to the center of town and walked around for a little while before I decided it was late and I should go home. I went home in collectivo and when I got back, my family was all out. I decided to talk to Emily over Skype for a little bit. It’s been nice talking to my friends from the US more lately. It reminds me that I really do have people missing me and waiting for me to come back, which I forget sometimes. After we finished, I went out to help Nancy and Maxi make Chilenitos (it’s a type of pastry) from scratch. We worked on those until about 12 at night and by then I was dead tired and I had to go to sleep right away.

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