Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Monday, January 27

Today I woke up early and went for a run in the neighborhood. . It was an exciting day because Sra Adela returned from her month away and I was really happy to have her back. Then I sat around the house catching up on my blog and letting Monse paint my nails until lunch time. We ate lunch together with Monse, Tata, and Sra Adela because the rest were out getting Maxi’s passport. After lunch, I went over to the Jumbo to hang out with Pablo for a little while. We sat around and talked and I had a lot of fun. Between his crazy hilarious stories and the effort I have to put out to understand how fast he talks, there is never a dull moment around him. Anyway, I got home around 4 and everyone was already packing and ready to drive up to Santiago. First, Monse, Nancy, and I dropped Maxi off at the bus terminal because he was going back to San Carlos for a week to work on the robotics project with his team. It was kind of crazy how protective Nancy was of him, making sure he got his suitcase on the bus and bought his ticket in advance. After his bus left, us girls drove up to Santiago. We went to Tia Irma’s house, where our Argentinean relatives were staying. We all ate dinner together and talked for a while, and I was really proud that I understood so much more of the Argentinean accent. Then Seyla and Gabriel (the cousins from Argentina), Nacho, Matias, and I went upstairs and hung out for a while listening to music and talking. Then Monse came in and had this giant play fight with Nacho that lasted over half an hour and included her whipping him with a belt.
Later, we all went downstairs and I taught them how to play ERS and they taught me a similar card game called Nervioso. We played until about 2 and then I was dead tired and excused myself to go to sleep.

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