Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday, January 1

Today we woke up around 11 and cleaned up the apartment before leaving Valparaiso and driving a few hours to the beach in Maitencillo, where my aunt, uncle, grandparents, and cousins Laurie, Vicente, and Joaquin were spending New Years. We arrived in time for lunch, and then we all put on our bathing suits and went down to the beach.
I guess I’ve never realized this because everyone in California is accustomed to going to the beach so often, but people in Chile really don’t know anything about how to swim in a strong ocean current. We brought our boogie boards, and I used mine for like 10 minutes, but then I decided the current was way too dangerous, so I put mine down and advised Maxi to do the same. Then I went out a little further so I could dive under the waves and avoid having them crash on me. However, all the other kids were too scared to go out further and instead suffered wipe out after wipe out as the waves smashed against them. I tried to explain that it was safer out further, but no one understood, and I actually started getting worried about Monse and Laurie’s safety, so I invited them to go make sandcastles on the shore. We played in the sand for a while and ended up burying Monse and Laurie under the sand. By then I was actually really cold and definitely didn’t want to get back in the water. I stayed on the sand with Nancy and we talked for a while and tried to tan but there really wasn’t any sun and it was freezing. By the time we walked back to the beach house I was absolutely shaking, and I hopped right into a hot shower and then drank some tea afterward. We ate a quick dinner, and then left for the 3 hour car ride back to Rancagua around 9. I slept in the car, and when we got back I went almost straight to sleep.

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