Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tuesday, January 14

On the night of Monday, January 13, all the kids from Lago Ranco got on a bus and drove to another town to meet up with the other 3 schools in the area. We arrived in the night and hung out for a while enjoying the last moments together and kind of closing up the trip. Then, around 11 at night, we all said goodbye (I suck so much at goodbyes and I had to fight really hard not to cry) and got on our various buses. I sat with Katie on the bus to Rancagua and I was so absolutely dead tired that I fell asleep right away and didn’t wake up the whole night. We got to Rancagua around 9:30 in the morning and Maxi and Nancy were waiting for me. I told them all about the trip, and then took a nice long hot shower. The rest of the day I basically just relaxed finally. I realized that my ankles were like disgustingly swollen from being up on my feet for so long every day so I tried to keep my feet up so the swelling would go down because honestly it was gross looking and I was embarrassed. I unpacked, cleaned up my room, wrote a bunch in my blog, and finally talked to my friends after being 10 days without my cell phone. I Skyped with Kathryn and then with Melanie and with Curly. It was great to talk to them and to be reminded that I do have people waiting for me at home who love me and whom I can relate to on a level that I just can’t with the people here who were raised to differently from me. After having a nice long conversation about the trip with my family over dinner, I went to sleep around 11 and absolutely slept like a rock in my nice comfortable bed.

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