Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Monday, February 3

Today Katie and I woke up around 11 and Katie was sick. We went downstairs and drank some tea and had breakfast, and then went back to her room and talked for a while and looked through her old pictures on Facebook. I went back to my house in micro around 2, and my family was eating lunch. I sat down to eat with them and told them all about my weekend and thanked them for letting me stay and get my fill of friends when I really needed it. We talked for a while, and then around 4 Cata came over on her bike and rode with me to pick up my backpack full of stuff from Mariana’s house and then back to her house. We talked for a while and it was so perfect to catch up with Cata.
She’s like my best friend here, and I feel so comfortable and happy with her, and it had been way too long since we’d last seen each other. We swam in the pool and then sat outside to sunbathe for a while, and then we went back upstairs to get dressed. Her family dropped us off in the center of town around 7 because our friend Joaco’s theater was doing a free show at 8 and we wanted to go see him.
We walked around the center a while and she showed me her dad’s store called La Casa Zuniga that’s in the center. Then we went back to the place where the show was—outside a school in the middle of a circle of desks. We sat in the desks and watched a bunch of actors dressed up as animals walk around pretending to be their animals. Then after a while the show started and we found out that it was George Orwell’s Animal Farm in Spanish.
It was definitely interesting, although I didn’t understand very much because we were outside and they didn’t have microphones. The costumes were hilarious because they really did look like their animals. After the show finished, we went to congratulate Joaco and then we went in collectivo back to Cata’s house and then her mom dropped me off at my own house around 11. It was all around a great day with Cata, and I want to see a lot more of her. At home, I Skyped for a while with Emily and Kim-Sa before going to sleep around 1.

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