Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Saturday, January 18

Today we all woke up really late, and when I got up, I showered, ate a big breakfast with everyone, and immediately was put to work cooking. Nacho, Cecilia, Nancy, and I cooked for a good 6 hours straight, making all the different appetizers they were going to serve at the party tonight.
As our break, Maxi, Nacho, Jeremy, and I went down to this plot of land that Jeremy and Nacho are leasing to grow corn. They work so hard on that plot and whenever I text them they are working, so it was really cool to see how all their hard work had paid off with tall stalks of corn. We sat in the bed of the pickup truck there for a while and talked and they explained the process of growing corn and all its intricate details to me before we drove back to the house. Everyone had already eaten lunch when we got back, so we ate quickly together and then were put back to work cooking.
Around 8, the work stopped and we all went upstairs to put on makeup and nicer clothes for the party. The party started around 9:30 and all the aunts and uncles came. I hung out for a little while with my grandma, and then basically spent the rest of the night with Maxi, Nacho, and Mathias (another cousin who’s 18). We talked and they told me funny stories about their antics from the past. We listened to music and I had fun embarrassing myself while singing along to Spanish songs. I Skyped with my parents for a little while around 3 in the morning because it was my mom’s birthday yesterday and we didn’t get a chance to Skype. It was really fun talking to them, and it was hilarious to listen to my dad speak to my cousins in Spanish. He’s embarrassing, but I love him and I’m really excited for my parents to come visit and meet everyone here and have all of my friends and family in Chile meet them. We went downstairs to where the party was to sing happy birthday and indulge in the dessert buffet, and then danced for a little while. People started leaving around 5 in the morning, and by 5:30 I was absolutely exhausted and went upstairs to go to sleep.

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