Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tuesday, February 4

Today I woke up around 10 and ate breakfast, showered, and then played computer games with Monse until like 1 when I took a collectivo to meet Fernanda and Lila in the center. We walked all through the center to get to this sushi restaurant hat they said was amazing, only to find that it was closed. So, Fernanda took us to this little hole in the wall sandwich place that she likes, and we sat around and ate sandwiches and talked for a while. Then, we walked around the center and past a giant A with signatures all over it. Naturally we were curious, so we went up and asked the girl standing there what it was and if we could sign it.
She explained that they were placing letters all throughout Chile to spell out the sentence YO AMO LA ROJA and then they were going to bring the letters to the world cup in Brazil to cheer on the Chilean team. We were supposed to sign the A with some inspiring message for the Chilean team. Naturally, I wrote in English.
After we finished signing, we walked over to the mall and got some frozen yogurt. The store was really cool because you choose two fruits and then they put the fruits in this mixer with some natural yogurt and it shoots out fruit flavored frozen yogurt. I know it doesn’t sound that cool but it was actually fun to watch. Then we sat down in the mall eating our cones and talking.

Around 4:30, I took a collectivo home because I could tell my family was starting to get put off that I spent so much time away from the house. When I got home, Nancy invited me to work in her taller with her, so I made two plates out of napkins with cute Chilean patterns. While we were working in the taller, Eric came in and joined us to work on his computer and Monse came in to work on a thing she was learning to sew. Then we all went in and ate completos as a family. After dinner I Skyped with Kathryn for a little while and then my family called me to watch a movie with them. We watched El Discurso del Rey, and then I went to sleep around 1:30.

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