Friday, February 28, 2014

Sunday, February 9

Last night we slept a lot better on the new mattress and so we got up later. I went for a run and when I got back there was no water in the camping and I couldn’t shower or brush my teeth or even wash my hands. I took my towel and wet it with water from a water bottle and kind of wiped the sweat off my body and that was all. After breakfast we drove into Valdivia and went to this gorgeous park and sculpture garden with a huge feria artesenal.
We went through the whole feria trying all the different foods. I think Nancy bought like 7 different jars of jam. Then we all were really thirsty, so we got natural juice and granizados which are kind of like icees. Then we drove to the island of Niebla, where they were holding the Festival Valdiviano. There was a space filled with booths selling traditional Chilean food like seafood, empanadas, and wine.
After we ate, enjoyed the live music that was being played from the stage, and walked around the little feria nearby, we went over to the river nearby and watched the fishermen come in their little boats with the catch of the day.
In the afternoon we got back to the camping and Maxi and I went out on the river in kayaks. It was a lot of fun and really gorgeous, but I was wearing normal clothes and when I got back to shore I was absolutely soaked, freezing cold, and wanted nothing more than to change into warm and dry clothes. There was a dock on the side of the lake, and Monse and I took out chairs and went to sit on the dock and look out at the lake. It was really relaxing. Then we all ate dinner together in the camping. After dinner I put on music from my cell phone and we had a game tournament. We played Lota, which is kind of similar to Bingo, and then we played Karaoka, which is super complicated but also really fun. Then around 12:30 I was dead tired and so I went to sleep.

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