Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sunday, January 19

Today we all woke up around noon after such a late night the night before. We went down and ate a breakfast of leftovers from the appetizers we had prepared for the party. Then we packed up and left for the mall. Nacho, Mathias, Maxi, and I left our parents and went to eat some ice cream. Then, when we met back up with them, they had already paid to buy us ice cream, so we had to eat twice and we were all completely stuffed by the end. After handing out in the mall for a while and buying a birthday present for Ana Maria, the daughter of a friend of the family who had her birthday yesterday, we went back over to Tia Irma’s house to drop off Mathias and Nacho and pick up the grandparents. Then we went over to Ana Maria’s house to wish her happy birthday. We stayed there like 5 hours sitting and talking with the family, and went home around 10. When we got home, I was pretty tired, and so I watched TV for a while with Monse and Maxi, and then I went to sleep around midnight.

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