Friday, February 28, 2014

Wednesday, February 5

Today was a day of intense work getting ready to leave for our two week long camping trip in the south tomorrow. I spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon catching up on like a month’s worth of blog entries and photos that I was procrastinating on. People always ask me why I even bother to write such a detailed blog when I know that very few people actually have the time and energy to read all of this. I do it because I want to remember everything, even the little things that happen and little day to day emotions that I have. When I look back at this with my children in 30 years I want to be able to relive this incredible experience through the words and pictures that I put here. Anyway, after my brain was absolutely melted from staring at the computer screen for so long, I walked to the Jumbo to pick up supplies to make chocolate chip cookies. The family absolutely fell in love with them the first time I made them and they want to bring a bunch on the trip. I mixed up the batter and started cooking them. While I was supervising the oven (I have a habit of burning all the cookies I attempt to make here in Chile), I worked on scholarship essays. I’m feeling a little pressure there too because I won’t have internet access during the whole trip and if I get a scholarship email and its due before I get back I will be completely out of luck. After I finished the cookies, I Skyped with Ana while I packed up my suitcase for the trip. We talked for a long time until I heard noises in the house and hung up to go see who had arrived. Nacho, Matias, and Gabriel, my cousins, had arrived from Santiago to pick up some documents that Gabriel had left here. We talked for a while and joked around, and then when they left, I worked a little more on scholarship essays and then went to sleep.

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