Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday, October 20

Today was an incredibly lazy day. I woke up around 11, and immediately started working in college applications. I looked at the Common App for the first time and realized that this was going to be a lot more work than I had originally thought. I started filling it out, and then took a break to go have lunch with my family. After lunch, I went and had a long Skype conversation with Kathryn. I had been feeling pretty neglected by my friends in the US. Literally no one besides Kathryn and Melanie have asked me to Skype in the past month and a half, and I haven’t received any Facebook messages or anybody checking up on me at all. I even ask people to Skype sometimes and they always tell me they are too busy. I know college apps and AP classes are hard for everyone, but I was just feeling very forgotten and unimportant. I started thinking back on all the promises to Skype a ton and always make time for each other and not lose contact, and I was shocked by how quickly that changed (although I have to admit I haven’t made the biggest effort to Skype with them either so I can’t put all the blame on them). Anyway it was really nice Skyping with Kathryn, and then later with Emily today. I finally got caught up on what’s going on with them, and I finally got to tell them all the funny, awkward, and exciting stories I’ve been saving up over the past month and a half. I'm definitely going to make it a point to talk to them more often. I worked on college apps for a while afterward until I absolutely couldn’t think anymore and then I went for a run. When I got back, Nancy had dinner on the table and we all sat down and ate together and talked for a long time. I was really excited because I felt like that dinner was the first time I really understood everything that was being said and I felt like I could express myself completely. It was a pretty great feeling. After dinner I showered, and dried my hair while I worked on my blog. Then I went to sleep around 10:30.

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