Monday, October 7, 2013

Friday, October 4

I am always happier on Fridays. Today at school we had a history test, which I didn’t really study for, so I don’t think I did very well on. Then, during our second class, we were supposed to work on a physics worksheet, but I spent the whole class teaching my friend Chichi how to do the math lesson we were learning because we had a test next period. During the break before the test, I went to hang out with my friends from another class. When the bell rang to go to class, we stayed outside, because everyone always stays outside until long after the second bell. However, I forgot that all of the teachers don’t care EXCEPT the math teacher. So, when I said goodbye to them and walked over to my classroom, the door was closed, and everyone was seated and the teacher was passing out the test. Being the clueless American that I am, I opened the door and walked quickly to my seat because that is what you do if you are late. Apparently here it’s different. The teacher saw me walk in and then yelled at me to get out and shut the door behind me. I walked back outside, and the people from the other classes who were still outside because their teachers don’t care if they’re late just looked at me and burst out laughing because they knew exactly what had happened. The teacher finished passing out the test and made me wait outside for like 5 minutes, and then he came outside, yelled at me that I can never arrive late again and that if I am late I need to be polite and knock on the door and wait to be let in. Then he let me go to my seat and take the test. I like taking math tests here because I don’t have to study anything and I understand almost everything. Math is by far my favorite class. After school, I walked to the costume shop again with my friends Vale, Anto, and Jose. The store was closed, and so we walked around for a little while and then took the city bus over to the Jumbo where we met up with Coti, Mery, and Katie.
We bought supplies to bake desserts, and then Coti drove us over to Anto’s house to bake. We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes and just hung out for a while. They are so adorable and sweet, and I love hanging out with them. I really like the people here, and I’m so happy to finally have real friends here.

After a while, Coti and I went to the Jumbo because she had some errands to run and I had to buy a birthday gift for Maxi (I decided to buy him a giant Toblerone). Then Coti dropped me off at home. Maxi was having a barbecue with his friends for his birthday, and I sort of didn’t know how to behave. I wanted to be social and talk to them, but at the same time I didn’t want to steal the spotlight from Maxi and distract his friends on his birthday. I went out and said hi and then sort of hung out in the corner and talked to them a little.
They barbequed a chicken burger especially for me, and then we sang and I had some cake. By that time it was about 12, and so I excused myself early and went inside, showered, and went to sleep because I had to get up early the next morning.

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