Thursday, October 3, 2013

Saturday, September 28

Today Katie and I had to wake up early because I had to go to Techo Para Chile. We got up and talked for a little bit while I got ready, and then we went and ate breakfast. While we were eating, Juan Diego came to pick me up, and so I had to leave Katie alone in my house. I felt really bad, but apparently she was fine because she went to my mom’s art studio in the backyard and made a plate! I’m glad my family and her get along so well. Techo Para Chile was really fun today. I was worried that things would be slightly awkward with Juan Diego after all the teasing we had received after going to the movies together, but it wasn’t awkward at all and it’s clear now that we are just friends.
I hadn’t been to Techo in a while, so I was really happy when all the kids remembered me and came and hugged me and everything. They are the most adorable little things on the planet, and they are super sweet and loving. They always want to hug you and hold your hand and show you things, and I absolutely love spending time with them.
After Techo, I went home and had lunch and took a shower. Then I got ready to go to my friend Fernanda’s birthday party. She lives really far away and my mom had no idea how to get there, so I asked my friend Vicente for a ride. He said he could give me one, but he was leaving like right away. I didn’t even have time to dry my hair! When we got to Fernanda’s house, our friends Vicente (another one hahaha), Mariana, and Ale were already there. We sat around and talked and ate snacks for a while. Then more people started to arrive, and they started barbecuing. We all ate dinner, and then we had like 50 different desserts, and then we sat around and talked for a while longer. I really like these people.
 They are calm, and they aren’t the wild type that go to parties and drink (which is most people in Chile), but they are super sweet and funny and I had a great time with them. I feel like I’m actually making friends on a deeper level now, and I really like it. Everyone left around 1, and Marianna, Lila, Camilla, and I stayed to sleep over. We talked a while longer, watched Les Miserables, and went to sleep.

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