Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monday, September 30

Today I had to wake up early for school… my favorite thing in the world. In school, nothing very exciting happened, but I did bring the peanut butter cookies for all of my friends to try! They loved them and I was really glad to have introduced them to something new! After school, I went home and worked on my blog for a little while. Then, Maxi, my grandma, and I walked over to our aunt and uncle’s house to visit our cousins. There are 3—2 young like Monse and 1 who is 13. The 13 year old, Vicente, is so incredibly quiet and shy it’s almost painful. I tried to talk to him a lot to bring him out of his shell, but it’s like basically impossible. I also met another cousin who was visiting them from Talca named Vale who is 18. She is super nice, and I hope I can go to Talca sometime to visit her again because she seems like a really good time. We brought ice cream over to the house, and we all ate it and talked for a while. We walked home afterward, I had a really nice conversation with my grandma (I finally feel really comfortable with her, like she is a part of my immediate family here instead of a distant relative like all of the other millions of family members I have here) and then we ate dinner and I went for a run. Then I got home, showered, got ready for school the next day, and went to sleep. I think I finally figured out where all my time goes during the day. I am always texting a lot of people (my friends here, not my friends from the US), and it takes me a while to type messages in Spanish. But I like talking to people here, and it’s a nice way to make friends. I understand a lot more over text than I do in person.

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