Thursday, October 3, 2013

Friday, September 27

Today was finally Friday! I had two tests at school, and I pretty much didn’t understand anything in history, but I think I did slightly better in physics. It was so funny because when I showed people that I had made a study sheet for physics they were all really shocked that I actually studied for a test! Guess I have a reputation for being a slacker… Completely the opposite of my reputation in the US. I’m liking this change.
After school Katie and I walked into the center of town to go shopping. We went to the mall, and then walked around on the main street looking in shops. We got some weird looks because I was wearing my uniform (the school we go to has a reputation for being a school for rich kids, and some people are jealous and get angry when they see people from our school) and because we were speaking English.
I bought a sweater and some boots (I love the style of the boots here, they’re so adorable), and then Katie and I took the public bus over to the Jumbo. This was a little bit of an adventure, but we managed not to get lost and to ask for directions when we needed them. We bought some candy at the Jumbo and then bought coffee from Dunkin Donuts. We walked back to my house, and my friends Matias and Joaquin were in the house with Maxi. We hung out for a while, and then my friend Jose (I met him in Rotary—he’s from Chile, but he went on exchange for the past two years to Canada and Germany) came to pick up Katie and me. We went over to his house, and ate dinner with his older sister and her friend. Then we went upstairs and watched a scary movie while Katie slept. Except we basically didn’t watch the movie at all and we just talked and laughed and I had a lot of fun. It’s kind of weird to talk to him because he speaks English a lot better than I speak Spanish, but I want to speak Spanish to practice so we kind of speak an awkward mixture of the two. Either way, I had a lot of fun with him. Around 1, we woke Katie up and he took us home. Katie and I were dead tired, but we talked for a little while and then we went to sleep.

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