Monday, October 21, 2013

Tuesday, October 8

Today at school was nothing special, except that Tuesdays are always my favorite days because we have math, English, and English laboratory. I really like English Lab. Today, the teacher asked me to translate the school song into Spanish so that the PE teachers could have it (I guess they had asked for it or something), and so me and the kid next to me worked on translating it together. It was actually really hard (If anyone knows the word for “welkin ring” in Spanish let me know) but we did it more or less. After school, I went home and worked really hard on finishing that entire letter of recommendation packet. I took a little break to go for a run and to eat dinner with the family. Then, I talked to Nancy for a while. I have been a little frustrated with the family lately because every single weekend they make plans for me to go to some family party with them, and I never have time to do anything with my friends. I always have to turn down the invitations to parties that I get because I’m busy with my family. This weekend my family is invited to a birthday party for my dad’s friend’s son who is turning 5. We are supposed to go to Santiago and stay overnight on Saturday just to go to this party. That was the last straw and I decided I really need to put my foot down and make them let me hang out with my friends more. I talked to my mom about it, and she said yes I can stay here this weekend and sleepover at Katie’s house and go to the party I was invited to Saturday night. I was really happy, and I think now my family understands more of what I want. I just have to be less afraid to ask them for things. But I also understand why they are so protective of me. Taking care of someone else’s kid is a really big responsibility.

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