Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, October 7

Today waking up for school was hard. But school today was really fun. In physics, we had to take a partner test, and I was partners with my friend Thomas. He literally just took out his cell phone and everyone in the class started texting the answers and photos of the work back and forth and then we just copied it all. I was shocked and very amused at the same time. The other thing that happened today was super fun too. Every year, the juniors plan a party for the seniors. Since school ends in November, the party is always a Halloween costume party with a theme. This year the theme is Good vs. Evil. The juniors have to plan the party and then they put on a show to invite the seniors to the party. Today during third period, a siren went off and everyone rushed out of their classrooms. Some of the juniors had dressed up in costumes and gone into the classrooms of the seniors and kidnapped a few seniors. They were sitting in the quad tied up, and the juniors called out the names of a few seniors who were asked to do funny or embarrassing things in order to “rescue” their friends. It was really hilarious. The party is next Friday, and I’m excited about it! After school, my friend Vicente drove Maxi and I home, and on the way we went to the place where his dad works. It is a farm where they harvest pears and apples, and there is like this huge room that is a freezer/storeroom for all the fruit. We went in and had fun in the cold for a while, and then took some apples and went home. After that, I went for a run, ate dinner, and took a shower. Then I received a cold shock of reality. I began to start looking into college applications. Everything is due at the end of October, and I still have to decide where I want to apply, write the essays, and actually fill out the applications. I also have to fill out a packet to turn into ANHS so that my guidance counselor can write me a letter of recommendation. When I looked up the packet online, I realized that it was due last Friday. I looked through and realized that it was really a lot of work. I would have to work hard the next couple of days in order to finish it as soon as possible and then just pray that the teachers will accept it late.

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