Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, October 14

Today was a pretty average day at school. Katie and I ditched physical education to hang out with Daniel and Antonia, the other exchange students, in the library. They’re super fun, and it’s a lot easier to be friends with them because we all speak English. It’s probably not a good idea to just rely on my English so much, but it’s nice to take a break sometimes. I don’t take for granted anymore how wonderful it is to be able to express exactly what I want to say. I feel like I have two different personalities. In English I am exactly myself because I can say exactly what I want or what crosses my mind, but in Spanish I am someone else because I can only say certain things. I am still waiting for the day when I feel certain that I can truly be myself in Spanish. I want to be able to tell jokes and use sarcasm and make quick sassy comebacks and everything. After school I came home and worked really hard on my college essays, and then I went for a run, showered, and ate dinner with the family.

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