Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday, October 6

Today I woke up around 8:30 after getting 5 hours of sleep, and I quickly got ready to go to the run. Nacho, Maxi, and I left the house around 9 and took the bus over to the train station 9Santiago is a big city that requires various modes of public transportation). When we got to the train station, Nacho realized that his metro card only had enough money on it for two people, so Maxi and I took the train while Nacho took a nearby bus.


Maxi was super nervous to ride the subway alone, but I was completely calm. I never worry about these things because I figure the worst that can happen is that I get lost, and there will always be someone willing to help me. It would just be another adventure. After two months of exchange, I am already pretty good at just rolling with the punches and not worrying too much. We got off where we were supposed to without a problem, and met Nacho outside. Then we walked for a while to the start of the run. We got our numbers and then talked and stood in the shade and waited for the race to start. During the run, Nacho and Maxi run faster than I do, but they slowed down for me and I had a lot of fun running with them. It was also really cool to run through Santiago and see the pretty and important buildings.

I really like big cities. I even like the ugly parts (which we also ran through) because everything just feels so awake and alive. We finished in 54 minutes, which is 15 minutes faster than Nacho and I did in Rancagua. I guess I’m improving! Then we took the bus home, showered, and I helped my mom and aunts make lunch. More and more people arrived at the house, and pretty soon it was a huge family event. I hung out with my cousins Nacho, Matias, and Vale, and with Maxi. We talked, played Monopoly with Monse and my littler cousins, and then Vale, who is studying to become a medical technician, asked us if she could practice drawing our blood. I’ve had my blood drawn millions of times, and it really doesn’t scare me at all, so I agreed. We sat down at the table and she took out all her professional supplies. She stuck me 3 times trying to find a vein, but I have really small veins, and even the professionals usually have trouble finding them, so eventually she gave up and forced Nacho and Matias to volunteer (it was their first time ever having blood drawn and they were really nervous—they were so shocked by how calm I was about it).
We went inside to sing happy birthday to Maxi again and to eat some cake.

Around 9, we finally started getting ready to head back to Rancagua (once again I was a little ticked off by their lack of consideration for the fact that we all had school in the morning and when we got back to Rancagua we were going to have to shower and get ready and everything). We left around 9:30 and got back to the house at 11. I was way too tired to shower or do anything at all, so I literally just fell into bed and went immediately to sleep.

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