Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday, September 26

Today at school was another boring day. I took the test in PE (algebra), and took notes and paid attention in all my classes. I think it’s getting easier for me to take notes and understand what the teacher is saying. I still have my moments where I don’t understand the word they said and I just have to write down a random word that contains letters that sound sort of like what I heard the teacher say, but these moments are fewer than they used to be so I guess progress is progress. After school we had sports, and then I went home and ate dinner with Monse and Maxi. Then Maxi and I went for a run together. He runs a lot faster than I do, and I kind of prefer to run alone anyway because it is a nice time to be alone with my thoughts, but after a while he dropped back and ran with me. We made a deal that during our runs I would talk to him in English because he always wants me to and I always refuse because I need to practice my Spanish. It was really weird talking to him in English, but I’m glad I made him happy. When we got back, I took a quick shower and then walked to the Jumbo again to take money out of the ATM. The last time I tried, I accidentally used my credit card instead of my debit card and that’s why it didn’t work. This time it worked like a charm, and I finally have money to spend! (Sidenote: I still haven’t received a single penny from Rotary and I’ve been here for two months…) When I got home, I decided to actually study for my two tests tomorrow—physics and history. I made a study guide for physics and everything.
I know my grades don’t count here, but I think studying is a good way to practice the language, and I also like to feel as much a part of the class as possible. I like to be able to talk to my classmates when they are discussing material before a test or comparing answers afterward. After a while, I got tired and fell asleep.

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