Monday, October 21, 2013

Thursday, October 10

Today at school was nothing out of the ordinary, except that Katie, Daniel, Antonia and I skipped two classes in a row and sat and talked in the library. For the first two hours, we all just talked, and then school ended and Daniel and Antonia left, but Katie and I had to stay for sports until 4:30, so we stayed in the library a while longer, and then walked over to the ice cream store down the street and ate ice cream and sat outside. Basically, we did the exact opposite of sports. After school, I went home with my friend Cata. We hung out for a little while at her house, talking to her family. I really love her family; they are literally the sweetest things, and I feel so comfortable with them. We have a test on the book The Count of Montecristo (El Conde de Montecristo) next week, so we watched the movie instead. Then we went with her mom over to the mall to shop for shorts for Cata. I love shopping and the clothes and style here and really cute, but everything here is so much more expensive than it is in the US, and it makes me really sad because I want to buy everything but I can’t. Also, my clothes from the US are kind of weird and not stylish here, so I have to slowly buy new stuff to be able to fit in better. After we finished shopping, Cata’s mom dropped me off, and I showered, ate a late dinner, and went to sleep.

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