Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tuesday, October 1

Today at school was another day of basically nothing super exciting. We talked and doodled on the desks in English class.
Then after school, Katie, Coti, Gabs, and I walked over to a nearby costume shop to look at Halloween costumes. There is a Halloween party at the school for juniors and seniors on October 18, and we wanted to get our costumes early before all the good ones got taken (here they don’t buy costumes, they just rent them). We got to the store and took like 2 hours trying a bunch of costumes until we all finally decided. I’m going to be like a sailor, which I know sounds weird, but I thought the costume was really cute, so whatever. Katie, Gabs, and I only had debit cards, and we had to pay to rent the costumes with cash, so we had to find a nearby bank to take out money. By the time we found the bank, we knew we would be late getting back to the school where our parents were picking us up, so we ran through the center of town back to the costume store to pay, and then ran back to the school so as not to make our parents wait so much. My mom picked Katie and I up and took us back to my house. We made ourselves dinner and ate with Monse and Maxi, and then we went to my mom’s art studio in the backyard to work on an art project (not for school, just for fun). We are making “French Art”, which is like 3D paper in a pretty frame (I’ll post a picture that describes it better when I actually finish), and it is taking forever to finish. We worked for like 2 hours and got about halfway through the project. I really love spending time with Katie.
It’s weird because I know that we would never be friends in the US, but here we are, and it’s nice to have a friend who is so different from my friends in the US. It’s also really nice to be able to talk to her about how I feel here and my frustrations and funny things that happen to me that I know she will understand because she is going through the same experience. After her parents came to pick her up, I went for a run and then showered and got ready for bed. I studied PD3 (History) because we have a test tomorrow and I wanted to do better than my usual suckiness. Then I went to sleep around 10:30. I always say I’m going to go to bed earlier, but it always ends up being like 10:30-11. I should really change that.

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