Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tuesday, May 13

Today was a very average day, which is basically exactly what I needed after a whirlwind week last week.  I went to school, took a chemistry test even though I hadn’t even been there when the material was taught (I got a 5,7 which is really good and everyone thought I was some sort of genius and I tried to explain about AP Chem but they didn’t really get it hahaha that’s ok I’ll let them keep thinking I’m a genius). After school, I stayed until 4:30 practicing the alianza dance with my friends. The alianza is the school’s anniversary, and to celebrate it, each class, A, B, and C (every lever, kindergarten through senior year is divided into 3 classes—A, B, and C), is its own alianza (I’m in the alianza A), and the 3 alianzas compete in a variety of activities to win the title. It’s basically a week of fun competitions. Apparently it’s super competitive thought because the alianzas are the week of July 11 (2 days before I leave Chile, which is perfect timing because the alianzas are like the most important event of the year in school) and we’re already preparing for the dance competition. After school, I went home, wrote in my blog for a little while, went for a run, ate once with my family, and went to bed early.

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