Friday, May 2, 2014

Sunday, April 27

Today we woke up early at Alex’s house. We went downstairs and talked for a while (about 20 of us had slept over). Then Alex’s mom served us a huge breakfast. It’s really adorable here in Chile that even if 20 people sleep at a house after a crazy party, the parents are still considerate enough to prepare tea and bread for everyone at breakfast. In the afternoon around 1, Alex’s mom dropped me, Louis, and Katie H off at the bus terminal and we went back to Rancagua. Lilian picked me up from the bus stop and we went home together and ate lunch while I told her all about my weekend. Then around 4 we went over to her parents’ house in Donihue so I could meet the family. Their family is very different from the San Martin family. There weren’t any young people there, only couples and grandparents. I still had a great time though. They spent the whole time we were there asking me questions and telling me things and getting to know me. They complimented me a lot on my Spanish and told me that I speak fluidly and almost without an accent. It made me really happy to hear that. We all had once together (they cook gret food), and when Lilian and I left, I was so tired but also so happy to have been initiated into such a great family. I was also pretty proud of myself for being able to walk into a house with like 20 family members that I didn’t know and be able to talk to them and charm them even in a foreign language. It is experiences like these that really make it clear to me that I have gained a lot of confidence in myself this year. We got home around 9, and I took a quick shower, dried my hair, and went to bed early to try to recover from sleeping so little last night. 

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