Monday, May 26, 2014

Friday, May 23

Today was a happy day because it was Friday. We stayed late again today practicing barras, and I arrived home at like 5. My parents were taking Katie and me to Santiago early tomorrow morning, so we met up in the center to hang out for a little while and buy hair dye, and then we came back to my house. We first bleached, and then dyed strands of our hair pink. While we waited with the dye in our hair we watched all of Fall Out Boy’s new music videos (they go in series to make one big movie type thing), since we were going to their concert tomorrow night. While trying to wash the dye our of our hair in the bathtub with my removable showerhead, we had a few mishaps, and after a lot of screaming and scrambling to grab the showerhead, the bathroom and ceiling ended up completely soaking wet. Just as we finished with that little adventure, my parents called us downstairs to eat once. We went down and talked to them for a while, and then came back up and addressed the flood in the bathroom. By that time, we were both tired, so around midnight we got into my twin bed (Katie and I are so used to sharing a tiny bed now that it doesn’t even make an impact anymore) and put Harry Potter 4 on my computer. We didn’t even make it through half the movie before we were both sound asleep.

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