Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Saturday, May 3

Cata and I woke up around 10; I ate breakfast, and then got to Terminal O’Higgins in micro by like 12.
Katie and I had agreed to meet at that time, and although she wasn’t there when I got there, I assumed she would arrive soon, and I didn’t have a working cell phone to call and ask, so I just sat and waited. After I had been waiting for about an hour, I went over to the pay phone and asked a man nearby how to use it to make a call. He was super nice about it and let me borrow his cell phone. Katie’s dad had been late in taking her and she apologized a lot and said she was on her way. She arrived pretty soon and we got on a bus to Santiago. We spent the whole bus ride to Santiago, metro ride to Baquedano, and pizza (and pina coladas because we were feeling 18 and daring) lunch talking about how we were both having crises because we are leaving Chile so soon. The time is starting to pass by really fast and I just want to slow it down and have more time to do cool things and to spend with the friends and family here whom I’m going to miss dearly. It’s weird that when I think about my home and my family and my best friends, I think first about Chile before remembering that all that stuff also exists in California and is waiting for me. Anyway, after lunch, Katie left on the metro to go to Madison’s house, and Lily came and met me at the restaurant. We met up with her boyfriend Joaquin, and all 3 of us took the hour long trip to Lily’s house in the metro to drop off my suitcase. Joaquin was a really cool dude, but I kind of just wanted to catch up with Lily. I made the best of it anyway, and said yes when Joaquin invited us to the mall to meet up with one of his friends. Basically, I hung out with his friend at the mall while Lily and Joaquin were all gross and couply. I wasn’t really that sad when we had to take a collectivo home and say goodbye to Joaquin and his friend. At Lily’s house, we hung out with her family, ate chips and dip for dinner, showered, and then went to sleep in sleeping bags on a big air mattress in the living room.

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