Sunday, May 25, 2014

Monday, May 19

Today we went to school in normal clothes because tomorrow some of the seniors have to march in a city wide parade, so we had to have our uniforms clean and ready. School was nothing particularly special. After school, I walked into the center to meet up with Katie W and Sally, but they were both running late, so I went shopping looking for the last few souvenirs that I need to bring back to the US from Chile. I was sad to find that postcards from Rancagua don’t exist, but other than that I was successful in my souvenir shopping. Then I met up with Katie and Sally and we walked around trying to find a store that would screen-print the sweatshirt we were planning on ordering for all the exchange students in Rancagua. We found one in this sketchy little mall in the center called El Cobrecol, and ordered the sweatshirts. Then we walked around doing a couple errands that Katie needed to do. I said goodbye to them and walked across the center to get a collectivo to my house. At home, I went for a run. I was just finishing the run and getting ready to leave the track where I run and go home when a guy who had been practicing sprints on the track came up to me. He tried to start a conversation with me and even did that stupid “so do you ever come here with your boyfriend” line. He asked me for my number, and I had to tell the truth—that I have no idea what my Chilean phone number is. I told him that we would probably see each other at the track again because I am always there, and then we said goodbye. It’s kind of hilarious how often things like this happen to me in Chile, and I think it’s a mix of the guys being a lot more daring here and me looking very different from a typical Chilean girl. Anyway, I got home, showered, ate once with my family, and went to sleep.

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