Friday, May 2, 2014

Monday, April 28

Today at school was nothing special. We had an English oral report due, and yesterday like 7 people had asked me to write their oral reports for them, so today I got a lot of thank yous and a lot of other people asking me to check theirs and listen to their pronunciation. It is kind of shocking for me how bad I am at English now. I’m sure you’ve all noticed from this blog that the quality of my writing has gone down. That’s probably because half of these words flow into my head in Spanish and I have to then translate them into English. It’s the same with grammatical structures and the way I set up sentences. I think more in Spanish than in English. It’s going to be embarrassing when I return to the US and am in the middle of a sentence and spit out a few words in Spanish instead of English, but I’m sure I’ll readjust quickly. After school, this kid Gabriel asked if he could walk me down the road and wait for my collectivo with me. We walked together and talked. I think he’s kind of weird and a huge flirt, but he is also an interesting guy. He went on exchange to Japan last year, and he gets so many props for that because I honestly can’t imagine going to a country where the language and customs are so incredibly different. I got home and worked on my blog and some college stuff for a while, and then went for a run, and then came home to eat once with Lilian.
Amazing sunset I saw today during my run... Makes me realize what a beautiful place I live in and how hard it will be to leave it in just 2 months more
Once lasted about 2 hours, so by 9:30, I came upstairs, watched the news for a while like I’ve been trying to do every night, and then went to sleep.

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