Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Friday, May 2

Today I woke up at 6:40 like normal, but I was so dead tired that I went downstairs and asked my parents if I could skip school and sleep some more. They agreed easily, and I went back to sleep until 9. Then I went with Manuel into the center to fix my phone. It is a prepaid phone, and I have tried recharging it twice (a total of $40), but it only worked for about 24 hours and then went back to saying I didn’t have money on it. We went to the Movistar office and they said that I had used my phone continuously for 16 hours and that’s how the money got used so fast. That is just plain impossible, and Manuel got angry and said they were cheats and decided to change me to an actually plan with a different company called Claro. We went to that office to sign me up. Then we ran a few more errands before returning to the house. I worked on my blog for a little while, then ate lunch with Manuel, and finally around 3 he dropped my off at my friend Camila’s house. It was raining outside, and I felt really hilarious showing up at her doorstep with my Easter Island suitcase in hand, but she just laughed and let me in. We hung out in her house talking and playing with her bunnies until like 8. Then her mom dropped me off at the Jumbo where I stood under the overhang avoiding the rain and waited for Cata and Pablo. We met up and Cata’s brother picked up Louis and then dropped us all off at this train car in the middle of the street (like in the median) that is apparently actually a bar. We sat and talked and Pablo and Louis had some beer.
Then we decided to start an honest to goodness pub crawl, and walked through the center to another bar where Cata had a mojito. Later, we went to another like rocker bar where everyone was dressed in black leather and old rock music was blasting. That was probably the most eclectic place but we had fun there too. We went to another bar across from our school, where Louis ordered a pizza. Finally, around 2, we made our last trip (I was really done walking in the rain anyway), back to the train bar, where they all did tequila shots before Cata’s brother came back to pick us up.
We were pretty proud of ourselves for hitting up 4 bars in one rainy night, but we were tired when we got back to Cata’s (we dropped Pablo off on the way home). Louis, Cata, and I watched a movie while we waited for Louis’s dad to come get him. Once he left, Cata and I turned off the movie, went upstairs, talked for like 10 minutes, and then fell right to sleep.

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