Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thursday, May 1

We all woke up pretty early at Pablo’s house because Fernanda and Vicente had fallen asleep on the floor and Pablo and I had fallen asleep on the couch (Nico was the only one smart enough to go steal Pablo’s bed) and so we were all uncomfortable. We watched some more funny YouTube videos before I decided I should probably be getting home. Pablo walked me over to the Jumbo to get a collectivo (even though it was raining), but Lilian called me on the way there and said that today was Dia del Trabajador, which is why we didn’t have school and also why there would be no collectivos running. She came to pick me up, and after I got home, changed out of my school uniform finally, and ate a late breakfast, Lilian, Manuel, and I drove to Donihue to spend the day with Lilian’s family. I met a lot more of them, and I officially decided that Lilian has the nicest family ever. They always include me, seem interested in what I have to say, and compliment me on my Spanish. I think the thing that I missed most in the San Martin house that I didn’t even realize I was missing was being treated like an adult. There, they treated me like an immature child, and here I am finally back to being considered important in the adult conversations and I kind of love it. We ate once (the food in Donihue is amazing because Tia Mimi spends the entire day cooking a huge variety of delicacies) and drove back to Rancagua around 9. I took a shower, packed for Easter Island (because my parents were going to Vina the next day and I would have to stay in friends’ houses until the trip on Sunday morning), and went to sleep around 10:30 because I was exhausted after going to sleep so late the night before.

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