Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tuesday, September 17

Today I woke up late, and then I put on my sports clothes and went for a run around my grandparents’ house. After a while, I ran past one of Maxi’s friends that I had met last night. I stopped to talk to him and he offered to show me another place to run. We walked over to like a little strip of grass next to the highway and he was like ok you can run here and I’ll keep you company. We ran for like 2 minutes and then I decided it wasn’t really worth it because I wasn’t getting any exercise, so then we just walked around for a while and talked. I found it much harder to understand him than other people, and later Maxi told me it was because he was from a lower social class and hadn’t received as good of an education. After I got back to the house, I showered and then we all went to the farmers’ market to stock up on vegetables for our trip to the country. We walked through the stalls for like 3 hours looking for the cheapest and most perfect vegetables and fruits. Nancy is a perfectionist when it comes to food.
When we finally got home, we had a late lunch (it was like 5 by then) and then Nancy, my grandma, and I cooked some desserts and I worked on my blog. Then my dad called over Skype, and the whole family talked to him in Spanish for like 2 hours. It was weird. I’ve been hearing my dad speak Spanish for years, and I always thought he spoke perfectly. Like without an accent and with proper grammar and everything. But listening to him now, I can hear the accent and pick out the errors. I definitely am not even close to surpassing him in terms of fluency, but at least I know I’ve improved a little. My goal is to speak as well or better than he does by the end of the year! After we finished, a bunch of people came over including Vale, and we hung out for a while and ate dinner. Then we all Skyped with Cristobal.
After we finished, Monse, Nancy, Vale, and I drove up to a hill called Cerro La Virgen, which is famous for having the most beautiful view in Talca. All the lights were gorgeous by night, although it was absolutely freezing cold. When we got home I was super tired and fell right to sleep.

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