Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thursday, September 5

When I got to school today, I noticed that the whole place had been decorated for Chilean Independence Day.

Today during PE (algebra) the religion teacher came and took me out of class. We usually have our meetings on Wednesdays, but he was busy yesterday so we rescheduled for today. We went to the room and talked more about God and his role in our lives. I told him that I had signed up for a campaign to prevent abortion from becoming legal in Chile. I actually don’t know if I am against abortion (because I really do believe that it is a personal choice and shouldn’t be regulated by the government), but this campaign is like really important at my school (it’s a Catholic school) and so I figured I’d get involved and help out. The religion teacher was really impressed. After we finished with our lesson, we went to the little chapel on campus and he explained a little about the traditions that Catholics observe when they enter a church. There is more tradition than I realized.
After we left, I went back to PE and the rest of school passed without incident. After school we had sports (volleyball) and we all played together. Then Juan Diego came over to my house to go for a run with me. He had told me that he likes to run too, but he was like dying after just 10 minutes, so we started walking and just talked for a while.  We played with Monse at the park for a while, and then we ate dinner and he left.
 I drank some tea and talked with Eric when he came home to eat dinner, and then I went to sleep.

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