Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday, August 26

PE Clothes
Today I had to wake up early for school. We had a test in biology. In the middle of the test, Lucas, the other exchange student from Chile who is leaving for Canada on Wednesday walked into the classroom with Katie, the other exchange student from Arizona who just arrived and is going to Instituto Ingles. The teacher immediately made them leave because we were in the middle of a test, but I was so excited to finally meet her! When the bell rang for break I ran out to go talk to her. She was so nice! She was like really nervous to be at school for the first time, and she didn’t understand very much Spanish, which is like exactly how I felt at first so I totally understood. I talked to her like all of break and introduced her to my friends (who all spoke English to her). It felt really weird speaking English with someone at school, but also really good to be able to have like a full conversation with someone (something I can’t do in Spanish). At lunch, she ate in the cafeteria (where I ate the first few days), so I didn’t get to see her, but then during physical education after lunch we hung out together. I had to run a mile and play volleyball, but I had some downtime to talk to her. It’s really nice to have someone at school who not only speaks the same language but understands exactly what I’m going through. I hope we become really good friends. Also, school today was really great because I feel like I understand a little more Spanish. I can contribute a little more to the conversation at lunch because now I understand some of the conversation! I also feel less overwhelmed by the crazy schedule and everything. I think I’m finally settling in here.

After school, I came home and worked on my blog for a while because I haven’t had time to write in a long time. Then I got ready to go for a run, but when I walked outside, my friend Joaquin was in the living room. His mom had a class with Nancy, so he came with. He offered to run with me, but I felt bad so we just sat and talked with Monse. After he left, Monse and I ate dinner and then I ran. When I got back, I talked with Maxi for a while, showered, and helped Monse with her English homework. Then, when Nancy got home, we looked at a bunch of pictures from when she was younger and from when the kids were babies. I love looking at pictures! It’s so cool to see what people’s lives were like before, and it’s even cooler here because everything is so foreign and different. She said we could look at more pictures later, but around 10:30 I got really tired so I went to sleep.

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