Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thursday, August 29

Today at school was nothing exciting. I’m going to stop listing what classes I had every day and only write about school if something interesting happened. The only interesting thing that happened was that I received the philosophy test that I had taken a while ago back and I got a 6!  That’s like a B+ and it’s a lot better than a lot of my classmates did. I don’t know if I really deserved it or if the teacher was just so shocked that I could form a coherent sentence in Spanish that she went a little overboard on the grading. Either way, my classmates were completely shocked and I was kind of proud.  After school we were supposed to have sports (I have volleyball) until 4:30, so my friends and I changed clothes and went to the gym. All the lights were off in the gym, so we decided that volleyball had been cancelled, and we all went home. I wrote in my blog for a little while, and then I ate dinner with Monse and Maxi and got ready to go for a run. Right before I left, I received a call from my friend Vicente. He invited my over to make manjar. Manjar is this incredible dessert kind of like dulce de leche that we don’t have in the United States and that I am completely in love with. I rode my bike alone (first time going somewhere alone) to his house, and then he, his two sisters, and his cousin Mariana who is also my classmate and friend talked for like an hour while we waited for the manjar to be ready. 

I love his family so much. They are all so sweet and welcoming, and I laughed so much. They showed me a bunch of food in their fridge and I told them what I hadn’t tried, and then they heated it all up and we ate like another dinner out of all the new food (and the fantastic manjar). They told me stories and asked me questions and I had so much fun. Vicente and I rode our bikes back to my house around 9 (he came with me because it was dark). Monse has bought a skip-it (one of those things where you put the loop around your foot and then spin one leg in a circle and have to jump over a rope with the other foot), and we all played with it for a little while before Vicente went home. Monse and I played with the skip it a while longer, and then I showered and went to sleep.


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