Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday, August 27

This morning when I got to school, we had math. I like math here because it is one of the only classes I actually understand. It’s really funny because everyone here thinks I’m like some sort of math genius even though I try to tell them that I already learned the trigonometric functions two years ago so this is like review for me. At the first break, Katie came and found me. We had English next, so I took her to my classroom and we talked like the whole class. Then we had PD3 and I convinced her to choose my same electives. PD3 is kind of a scary class for me because the teacher always asks me questions about American culture and society in front of the whole class. I usually understand, but still speaking in front of the class in Spanish is daunting. After lunch we had consejo de curso and labortorio de ingles, and in both of those classes I talked with the other exchange student here from New Zealand whose name is Daniel. By the end of the day I was feeling really guilty for speaking so much English!
Labortorio de Ingles

After school I came home and watched TV with Monse for a while, and then we ate an early dinner. When we finished, my friend Joaquin showed up at my house again. He had his guitar with him and he played for us for a while, and then he, Monse, and I went outside to ride bikes and play on the little playground nearby. After a while, Joaquin and I decided to ride our bikes to the jumbo. We rode around for a while and talked before he had to head back because his mom was ready to leave. After he left, I watched TV with Maxi and Monse for a while, played Escoba with Monse, talked with Nancy when she got home, and then around 9 I got super tired so I showered and went to sleep really early.

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