Monday, July 7, 2014

Wednesday, July 2

Today was a very busy day. I arrived to school at 11:20 because I didn’t want to go to either English (because it is boring) or Calculus (because we had a big test). I arrived, and my friend Gonzalo immediately called me, yelled “Alex come to the auditorium there are gringos there” and hung up. I went and found a group of like 15 gringos with all the kids from the English elective at my school. They all cheered when I showed up and the gringos told me they had told them all about me. They were from a school in Missouri and had come to Chile for a month long exchange. They were super sweet and excited to meet me and talk to me, although I had to say goodbye really fast because break was over. After school, we stayed rehearsing barras until 6. I usually am bored at barras practice because everyone is very disorganized and we never get anything done, but today we accomplished a lot and they taught us 3 new dances. I went home in collectivo at 6 as it was getting dark. When I arrived, I Skyped Ana, and we talked for 2 hours while I hot glued pens to a trash bag to make a suit jacket for the recycled things fashion show at the alianzas next week. Around 8, we hung up, I ate once with my family, showered, and watched Dead Poets’ Society before going to sleep.

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