Monday, July 7, 2014

Tuesday, July 1

Today was a little less cold that yesterday (maybe because I put on like 10 layers today), but I was still freezing. During physical education, we had free time to work on things for the alianza, so we sat in the classroom painting posters. After school there was no barras practice because they had a mock PSU test, so I got to go home early. I sat and talked to Manuel for a while, then went for a run, showered, and ate once with the family. We went out to Monchito (my counselor)’s office to get my $400 security deposit. I said goodbye to Monchito and was so happy to finally not have to see that careless, lazy man again. I’m just happy I ended up getting everything that Rotary owed me before I left the country (and it wasn’t easy—I definitely had to fight for it). 

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