Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday, July 8

Today I went to school, and the entire day we just prepared things for the alianzas.
We glued recyclable things onto trash bags to make clothes, we practiced the dances, we practiced the presentation of the queen (every alianza has a queen, and the first competition is that each alianza has to make a 10 minute skit based on a famous movie in which the queen acts—we’re doing Snow White, and the other two are doing Tangled and Mulan).
After school we stayed until 6 practicing barras. Then Mariana and I took a collectivo over to the Jumbo. She had invited me to sleep over at her house that night. We bought the supplies we needed to make peanut butter cookies, and then went back to her house to make them. We made a triple recipe, so we were cooking for about 3 hours. We took a break from cooking for a little while to walk through Mariana’s apartment complex knocking on doors and collecting nonperishable food items. That is another alianza competition—the team that collects the most food to give to a homeless shelter nearby. I had to knock on doors and explain everything in Spanish. It kind of reminded me of when I did Siempre Por La Vida in September and had to talk to people and couldn’t do it because I was afraid of not understanding. Now I had no problem. It was cool to see how far I’d come. Anyway, Mariana and stayed up talking and making cookies until like midnight, and then we went to sleep.

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