Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Saturday, July 5

Today I woke up late, and was working in my room when Manuel came in and invited me to go to this outdoor warehouse of food where the vendors of the feria get this food. We drove out to it and he bought a big crate of grapefruit to make juice. From there, he dropped me off at school right as all my classmates were getting out of preu. We were all planning on staying at school until like 6:30 doing work for the alianzas. We practiced barras, worked on all the suits we had to make out of recycled material, and practiced lifting people up like cheerleaders (which is also part of the barras routine). By 6:30 I was really bored and tired of doing nothing and basically just kind of in a bad mood. Everyone was going to Popi’s house to continue working, but she lives so far away from my house and I didn’t have a way to get home after, so I begged off of going and just went home. I spent the night with my family, talking and sitting by the stove. I got into bed early. 

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