Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday, July 7

Today I woke up early for my last Monday at school.
Ale has the same name as me and she is also an only child, so we say that we are twins. We kind of look alike right?
I didn’t know it at this point but today was my last day of actual classes because the rest of the week we just worked on stuff for the alianzas all day. It was a full day of history, which I love. After school, I stayed until 4:30 doing nothing because we were supposed to be rehearsing barras but nobody was organized at all and so we did nothing and talked. At 4:30, Vicente and I went back to his house.
He didn't want me to take his picture ;))
We walked over to the jumbo to drink a coffee in Berezzi. When we met like 11 months ago and he found out that I love manjar, he promised that he would take me to get a coffee with manjar in it, and we kept putting it off until this last week when we finally did it. We sat outside drinking coffee for a long time, talking and laughing. Vicente is really shy but he’s also one of the sweetest guys I know and really funny if you get past his shell. We got back to his house around 7:30 and it was dark so he walked me over to catch a collectivo back to my house. I got home, showered, ate once with the family, and went to sleep.

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