Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tuesday, December 17

I woke up early today because my friends and I were planning to meet at my friend Lila’s house to bake and then have a sleepover. My friend Camila was going to pick me up, but she never told me when. I send her a text asking and all she responded with was “I’ll let you know when we’re almost to your house”. So I made myself busy in the house washing the dishes and doing some chores (our nana Sra Adela had a surgery and isn’t going to come back to work for a month, so now we have to clean everything and it’s actually more work than I thought because they’re used to everything always being so perfect. I’m in charge of washing dishes, keeping my room clean, vacuuming, polishing the furniture and floor, and keeping the living and dining rooms organized). Around 12, I sent her another message asking what was up, and she told me she had gotten hung up doing something with her mom in the center of town and actually wouldn’t be able to go to Lila’s or give me a ride. I was kind of bummed because I really wanted to see my friends again after such a long time, but I just sat back and resigned myself to a boring day at home. Then Katie Ward called me and told me she was at the Jumbo looking for Christmas presents for her family and that I should come help out. I went over and we looked in the Jumbo for a while then took a collectivo to the center to keep looking. I bought nail polish and a hairbrush for Monse because she always steals my hairbrush and I always steal her nail polish. I also bought a snapback for Maxi because he always wears this knit hat and I thought he needed something a little more summery. Then Katie’s cousin Mery called and invited us over to Katie’s grandma’s house to go swimming. We took a micro to Katie’s house, I borrowed one of her bathing suits, and we went over to Katie’s grandma’s. Mery and Pitu were there baking cookies. It was so fun to see them again after such a long time away. We told them all about our trip to Patagonia and they told us what they’d been up to. Just as the cookies were done baking, Rosario came over too and we all sat at the table and ate cookies and then went outside and put our feet in the pool and talked for a while longer. Then we went upstairs and laid on the bed in one of the many rooms in her grandma’s fricken mansion and watched YouTube videos from Katie’s and my towns and high schools in the US (I showed them the marching band show from last year hahaha). Pitu’s sister drove me home around 11 and I was dead tired so I talked to my family for a little while and then went to sleep around midnight.

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