Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday, December 10

Today I woke up late again, but I was still really tired all day like I never actually woke up. I put on my makeup and got ready to go to the center of town like they had said we would, but then while we were eating breakfast they told me we wouldn’t actually be going for a while longer, so I changed clothes again and went for a run although it was really hot outside. Then I showered and redid my makeup. Then after lunch, Monse, Laurie, Vicente, and I went back to that little park nearby and played some stupid games that didn’t involve running because my hip was absolutely killing me and I have no idea why. After a few hours we got tired of the hot sun and decided to go back to the house to rest. As soon as we walked through the door, our grandpa told us to get ready to walk into the center of town. We were already pretty tired and it was like boiling hot outside, but we got ready and walked the 15 minutes through neighborhoods to get to the town center (our grandparents don’t own a car, so they get everywhere either by walking or by public transportation). We walked around for a while and it was fun to see all the people and all the shops on either side of the main street, but everyone was really too hot to have a very good time, so after a while, we turned into a little ice cream store and had big cones of ice cream to relax and escape the heat.
After we finished, we walked home while Maxi and I listened to the O’Higgins vs. Catolica (they are regional soccer teams in Chile who were competing in the championship) game over the radio. O’Higgins, the team from Rancagua, ended up winning the whole championship, and my Facebook feed was absolutely blown up with celebratory statuses. When we got home everyone was exhausted from the heat, so we all went off to do solitary activities and rest. I read my book (Allegiant—the third book in a series called Divergent that I was absolutely obsessed with and had completely forgotten about since coming to Chile) for a long time before we all ate a light dinner. Us kids waited until the grandparents had gone to sleep, and then we played a super intense game of hide and go seek in the dark house. It was really fun and we probably spent like an hour playing before we got tired. Maxi and I stayed up a little longer to watch the final presidential debate (there was a first election with 9 different candidates, and now there is a second election with only the two candidate who received the highest number of votes—Michelle Bachelet from the left and Evelyn Matthei from the right).

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