Thursday, December 26, 2013

Monday, December 16

Today I woke up late and went for a run, then got dressed and ready for the day. Nancy’s friend from Santiago came down to visit for the day and brought her daughter Eva and her two friends Caro and Gianna. They were the girls I hung out with when we went to that birthday party in the country in Mellipilla, so it was really fun seeing them and hanging out. I told them all about my trip to Patagonia, and spent a while showing them pictures and telling them funny stories. Then I went to help Maxi make homemade juice for lunch. We put a bunch of raspberries and blueberries in the blender, and then put the mix in a big bowl. Maxi took this bottle of liquid sweetener (I honestly don’t know if it exists in the US because I’ve never seen it, but I feel like it must because it’s so common here) and squeezed it really hard instead of waiting for it to come out in drops like it’s supposed to. The bottle exploded and ALL the sweetener fell into the juice and the juice splashed all over our clothes and the kitchen and it was a hilarious experience. We ended up making like 3 times as much juice as we should have just to dilute the intense sweetness. We were drinking that juice for like 4 days after. Anyway, then we all ate lunch together and talked. After lunch, we were all feeling super tired and lazy, so Monse painted my nails for me, and then we watched 2 movies and basically just did nothing. After the second movie, we ate a light dinner together and then they all had to leave to go back on the bus to Santiago. After they left, I went for another run because I was feeling guilty after such an incredibly lazy day, and then I asked Nancy and Monse if they wanted to watch a movie with me. I popped some microwave popcorn that I had bought and had been saving for a while (it was their first time ever trying microwave popcorn and they were really impressed) and then we laid on the couches and watched my favorite movie—It’s Kind of a Funny Story. The movie is a comedy about a dude who goes to a mental hospital after thinking about committing suicide, but it’s actually really funny and has a great message. I was surprised when neither of them laughed at all. I knew before that the US and Chilean senses of humor were different, but it became blatantly obvious when they didn’t laugh at any of the awkward sarcasm that is my favorite kind of humor. I’m not sure they enjoyed my favorite movie too much, but I sure had fun watching it in Spanish. After the movie I was really tired, so I headed off to sleep.

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