Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday, December 9

Today we woke up late again. Nancy and Eric left for Rancagua, and Maxi, Monse, me, and our cousins Joaquin, Laurie, and Vicente stayed with our grandparents. I went for a run for the first time in way too long, and then showered and got ready. We ate breakfast around 12 and then Laurie, Monse, and I went outside to jump rope for a while.
I was pleasantly surprised that I remembered all my tricks for elementary school, and we spent about 2 hours outside while I taught them all the cool things I knew. Then we were called in for lunch, and after lunch Monse, Laurie, Vicente, and our grandpa walked over to a little park nearby. We played dodge ball, hide and seek, and hunted for rollie pollies.
Then when we walked home, there was company in the house—our cousin Pedro was playing video games with Maxi and Joaquin in the living room. I was tired from playing with little kids for so long, so I sat with them for a while and caught up on all the blog entries that I had missed during the Rotary trip. Then Monse, Laurie, Vicente and I went outside to jump rope for a while longer and play hide and seek in the dark. By then it was actually pretty late, so we ate dinner and I read my book for a little while before going to sleep.

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