Saturday, December 14, 2013

Monday, December 2

We had to wake up early in the morning and be down in the lobby eating breakfast by 6:30. We got on the bus around 7:15 and took a tour of Punta Arenas to see the famous sights.
We went to the famous statue of El Obejero and kissed the foot of the statue in the plaza (good luck tradition that means you will come back to Punta Arenas again in your life).
Then we went to this super cheap mall where there was no sales tax and they turned us loose for a few hours to buy things (although they only sold TVs and perfume and things like that, so I didn’t want to buy anything and just hung out and talked to people). I should probably mention now that throughout the whole trip we basically just talked and laughed amongst ourselves. There were 43 people on the trip, so there was always someone new to meet and talk to, and everyone got along really well with everyone else, so we all talked and had a great time together. There wasn’t a single group that I didn’t feel comfortable going up and talking to. After the mall we got back on the bus and started the 3 hour trip to Punto Natales, another city. I sat with a German girl named Lily on the bus, and she was so amazingly nice. We didn’t know each other before but we really hit it off and she became one of my very best friends on the trip. About halfway through the trip, we stopped the bus on the side of the road and they gave us giant sandwiches to eat for lunch. Then we were off again, but now we had more energy, so we invited people up to the front of the bus to sing songs into the microphone, and after a while we plugged my phone into the speakers and had a dance party in the aisles of the bus. When we finally got to the hotel, we dumped our stuff in the rooms and then went to walk around the town. We ended up running into a few AFS exchange students who were living there and they gave us a tour of the town.
I was coming out of a store and putting on my gloves when I dropped my camera and the lens started refusing to close. I was really sad not to have a camera for the rest of the trip but I just used other peoples’ and I’ll steal their memory cards later. After we got back to the hotel, we ate dinner there and talked for a while. The time flew by, and when I looked at the clock to see that it was 10:30, I was shocked that it was still light outside. That far south in the world the sun doesn’t set until like 11:30!! After dinner, I went up to Katie and my room, showered, chilled for a while, and then went to sleep.

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