Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday, August 20

This morning when I woke up, I was so tired I could barely get up. I really need to start sleeping more, but I feel like there are always really important things to do late at night here. Maxi and I were tired but ready for school on time, but Montserrat didn’t wake up until 7:37 (we were supposed to leave at 7:30) so we didn’t leave until 7:45. We hit a bunch of traffic on the way to school, so at 7:55 we got out of the car and walk/ran the rest of the way to school. I walked into the classroom at 7:59! Our first class was math, and we had a really important test on Trigonometry. I was really proud that I actually understood 4 out of the 6 questions considering they were in Spanish (trust me it makes a difference even in math) and I hadn’t been there to learn the material. I didn’t use the formulas that they were supposed to memorize (because I didn’t know them) but I used logic and I actually had a lot of fun taking the test. After math, I had English and PD3 (Chilean History). PD3 is probably my favorite class because the material is really interesting and the teacher talks slowly so I understand almost everything. He even asks me questions sometimes and I am able to answer! After PD3 we ate lunch and then had Consejo de Curso where we took an aptitude test to tell us what kind of career we should follow (here they have to decide their major before they start college). Then we had Labortorio de Ingles, which for me is Labortorio de Espanol because the teacher told me I have to do all the same exercises except in Spanish instead of English. I actually really like doing it in Spanish because I feel like I am learning more. After school, I talked with my friends for a few minutes and then Nancy picked us up.

We went home, and I worked on my blog for a little while (look how faithful I’m being!!!). Then, I went for a run and Monse came with me on her bike. I thought it would be annoying to have to talk to her the whole time, but it was actually really fun and the time passed much more quickly. I also said hello to a lot of neighbors as I saw them in the street. I think running around the neighborhood is a great way to meet people. After I finished, Monse and I went to the tiny park that is on the side of the loop opposite our house. We played on the teeter-totter and the swings for a while until I got cold and we went home.

I showered, dried my hair, and ate dinner with Montserrat. We watched TV for a little while, while Eric tutored a girl from another nearby school in math. He works so much! He works as security director of a copper mine all day, he teaches engineering to adults at a night school every night, and he tutors kids in math and science when he has time. After they finished, Eric had to go to the school where he teaches, so I sat with Ignacia, his student, and we talked for a while. She was super sweet. I think I am becoming more confident in my speaking in Spanish (notice that I didn’t say it’s getting better, just that I’m not as afraid to make mistakes). After she left, Nancy arrived home and we talked for a little while, and then I went to sleep early because I was so tired. I really need to start getting more sleep because I am always so tired in the morning that I nearly fall asleep in class. I think I’m more tired than usual not only because the people in this house NEVER SLEEP, but because I have to concentrate so much all the time to understand what is being said.

I know this is a random photo but I just wanted to show you guys how cool the license plates are here! They fascinate me!!!

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