Monday, August 26, 2013

Friday, August 23

Monse woke me up early this morning because she wanted to make sure I would have time to French braid her hair before school. Fridays are the hardest day at school—we have history, biology, math, and Spanish. In Biology we played something similar to Jeopardy where we got into teams and had to answer questions about the brain. It was super difficult, but I actually answered a few questions for my team! I was really proud! At lunch, one of my friends, Coti, brought us all Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. I thought this was completely normal, but everyone else was shocked because they had never tried them before. Also, in my lunch I found a water bottle filled with something yellow. I thought it was juice because they are big on drinking juice and soda here (never water), so I opened it and took a big sip. It was pure concentrated lemon juice. So gross! All of us laughed about how my host family was probably trying to kill me. When I got home and told my mom about it she laughed and apologized because she had though it was juice too.

After school I ran some errands with Nancy at the Jumbo, and then I came home and worked on my blog. After a while, Nancy came home and we started cooking pizza for dinner.
Then my friend Cata came over and we finished cooking, went to pick Monse up from a birthday party, and hung out for a while. She is so nice and I feel like she’s going to be a really good friend! After Cata left, Nancy and Eric went to a friend’s birthday party, so us kids were left home alone. I watched TV and talked with Maxi while Monse and I painted each others’ nails. After we finally finished it was like midnight and I was super tired, so I went to sleep immediately.

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