Monday, August 26, 2013

Thursday, August 22

Today I woke up a little late, and I had to hurry up so as not to be late for school. At school, we were supposed to have a philosophy test, but instead we did this worksheet with a partner that was going to count for a grade. This girl named Rocio was my partner and she was super nice and I enjoyed getting to know her, but I felt so bad because I really couldn’t contribute a whole lot to the work. School here is kind of weird because we usually get out at 3:00 but two days a week we have to stay until 4:30 for sports and art. Today was my first day of sports. I chose to play volleyball because that’s what most of my friends do. The only problem is that I’ve never played volleyball before in my life. We formed teams and rotated playing each other. I was a little afraid, but I managed to hit the ball over the net just as much as everyone else, so I would call that a success.

After I got home, Monse and I ate dinner (I had toast with peanut butter, which nobody here eats or likes). Then, Cristobal’s friend Matias, whom I met at a party last weekend, picked me up and took me to his friend’s house so I could help them with an English project. They are seniors who go to a different school, and they asked me to help because they all really need a good grade on this project to avoid failing. Once I read the script they had written, I saw why they were in danger of failing. They were supposed to make a 15 minute news video about whatever they wanted. They decided it would be better to start a video of a news program and then have terrorists interrupt to tell the world that they had kidnapped the president of the US and demand money for his release. I fixed their script as best I could, and then tried to help them learn to pronounce the words. Then we recorded. The whole time we were there I could not stop laughing because they were just so ridiculous! We only recorded about 4 minutes (and 1 whole minute of that was me pretending to be a reporter and talking off the top of my head about terrorism and Jihad), so I think we’ll have to get together again to finish. Matias drove me home after that.

At home, Monse, Maxi, and I watched TV and Maxi showed me some Latin music.  
Then Nancy got home and asked if we wanted to help her cook. We agreed of course, and so the four of us made meringue cookies. Then we cooked mushrooms to eat for a snack. Mushrooms in the US were like my least favorite food, but these were actually really amazing. I’m glad I mustered up the courage to try them. When we finished eating, it was like 10:30, and I was really tired so I went to sleep.

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