Friday, August 16, 2013

Sunday, August 4

I was the first one to wake up Sunday morning around 10, and so I sat in my room and waited for the rest of the family to wake up. They all slept until like 1! I’ve never been considered an early riser, but I guess I am here. Once they all woke up, we ate “breakfast”, and then Nancy started cooking lunch. I helped her make the rice (trust me it was more than just rice because she is an incredible cook) and then we ate lunch. Then, Cristobal, Maxi, and I walked to the Jumbo to buy a few supplies for Nancy, and they made me pay at the cashier. The US dollar is worth 500 Chilean pesos, so getting used to cereal costing $2,500 is kind of difficult, not to mention the different bills, but I figured out. While we were talking over Skype, Nancy promised me that she would teach me how to cook. When we got home she asked me if I wanted to start learning. I said yes and she gave me a notebook to “write down all the recipes”.
We made two different pies, one lemon and one walnut. Cooking wasn’t that difficult, but writing the recipes down in Spanish and using the metric system was pretty tricky. They both turned out really well.
The food here is so good, I think I am getting spoiled. I am also really spoiled because there is a housekeeper here named Sra. Adela, who works in the house every day except Sunday from 8-5. She does all the chores, cooks, and even makes our beds in the morning. She is so nice, and I really like talking to her. After we ate dinner, we watched a movie (in English with Spanish subtitles because Cristobal hates watching dubbed movies) and went to sleep.

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